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How to Keep Preschool children entertained

cenLooking after young children has never been harder and expensive especially in this day and age when costs for child care are on the rise all the time. The demands to keep this young group entertained and balance work in the house for housewives and house husbands is so real and stressful for most people. The following tips will help you run your daily household chores as well as keep that child entertained! You will also get the benefits of feeling young again!

Get to Know What they like: As you spend quality time with your young children, it won’t take long to find out what they like. Some young children love to play all the time, others are busy with toys most times while others like to watch the television. You can then plan your activities and incorporate their likes with your jobs.

Enjoy social activities Together: What do you like to do as a social activity? Think about outdoor activities like swimming or going for a walk with a dog. How about taking the young one along with you? You can also enjoy playing in the water. It will relax your mind , take stress away and make you feel young.

Go to the Movies: We now have entertainment for all ages. There are also facilities for all age groups. So how about getting out of the house and enjoying that movie that your young one likes to watch. Bring back those youthful memories as well as enjoy watching movies with your young child. This will build your bond together and keep you entertained too!

Involve them in the jobs you do: i.e cooking, cleaning, shopping. If you are cooking for example, prepare an area near the kitchen where they can do play cooking further away but near enough for you to see them whilst doing yours. This will keep them busy whilst you accomplish your tasks.

Avoid being in enclosed places all the time: Young children like to do different things in open spaces. If you want to keep them entertained, plan to leave the house at least once every day and do something that will keep them busy for example go to the park.